Have you wondered what it take to get your house ready to sell? We are going to help you with that. Here are 10 tips to get your house ready to sell. You should give yourself plenty of time to prepare it for potential buyers. This process is important as it helps your property to sell faster and for more money.

You want to make a great first impression to potential buyers. A lot of Buyers decide as they are driving up if they want to view the inside of a home. So it is very important to make a great first impressions when selling a house.

Not sure where to start? It all begins with looking at your home as if you were the buyer. Luckily, we’ve broken down 10 simple steps you can follow so you can prepare your house to sell.

With that in mind, here are some exclusive insights that will help you get your home show ready.

1. Find a Great Real Estate Agent

It is of the paramount essence to hire a professional real estate agent to list your house. A good Realtor®️ will always advise you on the local housing market and act as the liaison between you and potential buyers. Always make sure they are fully licensed and belong to some sort of a professional body.

Importantly, you should research them thoroughly by asking around and reading about their reputation on social platforms and the internet. Asking questions is always a step in the right direction. They should be able to give you a clear plan on how they intend to market and sell your house.

A good Realtor®️ should also have a wide connection with potential buyers. This will not only make your property sell faster but it will also give you a variety of options to choose from.

2. To Get Your House Ready To Sell An Appealing Curb Matters

Many people will always judge a book by its cover. That is why when you are preparing your home to sell, you must ensure your curb appeal is in order. You must create a good first impression that will set a stage for what’s inside. Did you know despite the process being simple and inexpensive, it has a significant impact on the value of your house?

great curb appeal with lots of greenery plants and flowers with blooms

Here are some ways you can make your curb more appealing.

  • Plant fresh greenery and flowers. Always Accenture the key visual points like doorways and windows by use of plants. Adding green to your curb improves the exterior appearance.
  • Keeping a clean lawn plays a greater role in maintaining the curb’s appeal. Simple procedures like raking off leaves, mowing the grass, and pulling weed go a long way in improving your house value.
  • Making your door standout by painting it is always a step in the right direction.
  • A mailbox makeover always does the trick. Replace your old and obsolete mailbox with a more modern and stylish one.
  • Improve your garage door by staining or replacing it.
  • Cleaning the gutters will fetch you an extra buck.
  • Integrating décor on the front door will always make your house more welcoming.

These are just some of the things, on the long list that can make your curb more appealing.

3. Decluttering your House is a Key Factor

declutter concept (keep, recycle, trash, sell, donate - handwriting on color sticky notes against black paper background

A serious house buyer will have a fine eye for detail. They will always want to see everything—even the inside of your closet. Maximizing the overall space of the house on the market (backyard included) is always a good idea. This means you should keep clutter to a minimal.

Here are some ways to achieve the aforementioned process.

  • Tidying up your storage units will always make them appear bigger. Invest your time to make them look more spacious by organizing them.
  • Clear the hallways to create more space. According to experts in real estate, narrow hallways can make even the loftiest houses feel cramped.
  • An orderly living room is a key to capture potential buyer’s attention. Therefore, clear all unnecessary stacks of magazines and carefully eliminate all visual clutters like personal photographs.
  • The kitchen is a crucial area. Ensure the countertops, refrigerator, and other hidden parts are clean and clear of clutter.

Make these adjustments and your property will sell quicker and for more money.

4. Depersonalize to get your house ready to sell

In the staging process, depersonalizing your house is one of the most crucial steps to get your house ready to sell. It means that you should get rid and neutralize anything that is associated with your personal taste from your home décor—not the nicest fact to know.

Potential home buyers always picture themselves moving in and settling right away. Therefore, you should get rid of:

  • Personal photographs
  • Personal Artwork and accessories
  • Excess furniture
  • Certificates and awards
  • Personal items like toothbrushes, medication, and out of season clothing to mention a few
  • Pets

This may seem cruel, but keep in mind you are selling your house, not your stuff.

5. Repaint Walls a Neutral Color

Neutral Paint Colors to Paint your house to sell



Scientifically, colors evoke emotions in humans. That is why every real estate agent will always implore you to paint your rooms beige. Remember the first impression really matters.

Some personalized colors might trigger a great sense of discomfort to potential buyers thereby putting them off.



So here are some of the colors you should consider:

  • The white and shiny kitchen may seem elegant. However, many people detest it because they are hard to maintain and clean. Experts feel that before listing your house, you should use gray-blues on the kitchen walls.
  • Just like the kitchen, blue bathrooms can greatly increase the value of your house.
  • For living rooms, you should go with gray-brown and beige.
  • In the dining room, you should lean more to a grey color.
  • A navy blue door will put the icing on the cake.

If you are not sure of what to paint your house, you can always ask for help from your Realtor®️.

6. Lighting is Everything

Lighting matters when it comes to preparing your home to sell. Make sure you add more light points in your home. All of them should be in good working condition. It is imperative when showcasing the house to make sure that all lights are on. Darkness can make a room feel uninviting, small, and dirty.

Also, make sure you choose the correct color temperature. A bulb 1800K has ambiance temperature and emit orange warm colored light good for relaxing.

However, if you want the viewers to see everything clearly, you must use high color temperature bulbs above 4100K

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7. Do a Smell Test

Does your house smell like ashtray or a barn? Now that it is in the market, this has to change. The most important thing to bear in mind when eliminating bad odor is that you should deal with its source. Getting fancy flavored air-fresheners will do you no good. You have to deal with the problem from the root.

Some of the sources of odor in the house include:

  • Pet odor seeped in furniture and carpets
  • Musty teenager rooms
  • Walls drenched in cigarette smoke
  • Damp mildew in enclosed spaces and bathrooms
  • A messy and a dirty house

To eliminate these odors, you can stick to these simple procedures

  • Enforce a no shoe policy in the house
  • Set up odor trappers like baking soda or distilled vinegar across the rooms
  • Don’t leave dirty laundry lying around
  • Clean utensils
  • Wash your beddings
  • Toss all expired foods
  • Clean up your pets with proper cleaning products
  • Don’t smoke in the house

8. Deep Clean House to Sell

woman with cleaning equipment ready to clean house on bathroom background

Before listing your house, you must do thorough cleaning. To achieve perfection, you must bring more than yourself to the job by purchasing special cleaning supplies and better cleaning equipment. You must cover every square inch of the house including the concealed corners. This process goes beyond cleaning the floor.

You should:

  • Scrub the walls
  • Clean the windows and panes
  • Get rid of mildew and mold
  • Declutter and organize your storage rooms
  • Target concealed corners such as behind the refrigerators
  • Clean your stovetops and fridge

In simple, no stone should be left unturned.

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9. Consider Staging

Staging is always a smart way to sell your house quickly. It involves strategically arranging furnishings and integrating décor. The process makes your house be at its best when showcasing. Renting décor and furnishings is a good way to save money in the process.

Since staging helps to entice potential buyers, always aim for a light and bright look. You can achieve this process by pulling the blinds and opening the curtains. Make sure all the lights are on. You should always stage important rooms first. Rearrange the furniture and don’t forget the curb.

10. Have a plan for Showings

Now that you have listed your house, it’s time to prepare for showings. When you have scheduled to do a walk-through or leaving for work make sure your house is clean and in good condition. Make sure that you:

  • Make all beds
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Clean countertops
  • Hide toiletries and used towels
  • Clean countertops, sinks, and any other appliances
  • Put away all dishes
  • Leave the lights on
  • Ensure the floor is free of crumbs
  • Make sure the appliances no water or fingerprint stains

Once you stick to these tips, rest assured your house will sell quickly and the returns will be remarkable.

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10 Tips To Get Your House Ready To Sell
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Are you planning to put your house on the market? You should give yourself plenty of time to prepare it for potential buyers. This process is important as it helps your property to sell faster and increase its value.
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