Best realtor anywhere!

When we decided to move from Texas to Pace, my daughter and son in law insisted that Anita Allen should be our ONLY choice for our realtor. We had not moved, nor bought a house for 31 years.  We experienced some unforeseen complications in Texas which affected our buy in Florida; but Anita, patiently and expertly maneuvered  us through every turbulent roadblock. She insisted she would work hard for Us as long as it took to find THE house for us.  She refused to let us get discouraged. We never expected to be buying a house again at our age, and were quite surprised at the complexity of that task. Anita patiently walked us through every phase of our home choosing and purchase. She continually told us to call her anytime with questions or needs.  In our opinion, Anita Allen is the most competent, kind, compassionate, and hard working realtors you will find ANYWHERE!

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