Located in Santa Rosa County, the town of Milton is home to just over 8,000 residents. Milton got its start in the early 1800s as a lumber town. Today, it is home to the Naval Air Station Whiting Field as well as the county seat. Sometimes referred to as the “canoeing capital of Florida,” Milton attracts outdoor lovers and beach goers as well as people who enjoy small-town community living. Milton is north of Pensacola, so residents also enjoy convenient access to a nearby urban center. If you’re looking for a place to purchase property in northern Florida, be sure to consider the many attractions in and around Milton.

Milton Homes for Sale

Milton Schools

Milton is home to public elementary, middle, and high schools that are operated by the Santa Rosa County District Schools as well as the Okaloosa District and Escambia County School District. There are also a number of private schools located in Milton. Schools in the Okaloosa District rank highest in the area at 8 out of 10.

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Recreation & Parks in Milton

Milton features picturesque parks and recreational areas that attract its residents. The Riverwalk is situated in downtown Milton and runs along the banks of the Blackwater River. Both the south and north ends of the Riverwalk feature natural spaces that are popular with visitors. Milton is also home to various parks with amenities like ball fields, playground equipment, and picnic tables. Milton and the surrounding county are renowned for watercourses that attract people who enjoy boating and fishing.

Milton Weather

Milton is well known for its relatively comfortable year-round temperatures; however, summers can be particularly hot and humid. On average, Milton experiences about 82 days of rain each year but 205 days of sunshine. As with other areas of the Panhandle and Florida in general, hurricanes can be climate cons, but Milton’s proximity to the water is a pro that outweighs that con.

Milton Amenities

Located about ten minutes from Pensacola on Interstate 10, Milton has many of its own amenities, but residents can also travel to the nearby city to enjoy its many amenities as well. Milton is home to the Santa Rosa Medical Center, the historic Imogen Theatre, and a popular garden club. Milton features many shops and antiques stores. It’s also home to many restaurants and cafes like the popular Boomerang Pizza Kitchen, Ace’s Restaurant, and Blackwater Bistro. The Riverwalk Farmer’s Market is a popular Milton attraction.

Milton Real Estate

Milton attracts various types of home buyers. Its neighborhoods feature single-household homes that range from starter homes to higher-end properties. As a community, Milton prides itself on small-town charm and nearby natural attractions like beaches and watercourses. Milton features multiple types of housing that range from ranch-style homes to two-story styles. New constructions in Milton feature townhomes and craftsman-style houses. As a growing community, Milton has various new sections under development.